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Team Filter

When applying a filter, for example to look at players within one team, there is no indication of the filter applied unless the filter menu is re-opened and it is don’t seem possible to change the width of the columns otherwise the column titled “Registered Teams” could be widened to show which team has been filtered.

This is a relatively minor point as the user should remember the team filter just applied. On many website where there are filters, the selected filters are often shown (I have attached an example from Reebok’s website to explain what I mean).
  • Hey - thanks for the suggestion.
    As long as "Hide filters" isn't clicked then we believe the filters should show they are applied?

  • Hi Jack.

    Which filter has been applied is not displayed. Looking at your screenshot, as far as I can see , there is no indication of what filter has been applied to show those two players. It simply shows "Teams (1)". It would be necessary to click again on the tab 'filters (1)' to open the whole list of possible filters and see which one is ticked.


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