Ability to edit a parent / guardian telephone number / emergency contact

We are now no longer able to edit a parent / guardian's data such as add a telephone number this includes when they are the emergency contact. Despite the parent / guardian have control of their own data it is sometimes club error why a telephone number has not been added. (Especially as the phone number is right at the bottom of  a scroll down form which can easily be missed) It would be helpful for a club administrator to be able to add or change emergency contact details.

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  • This would also be useful if we could add/amend the email address of the parent/guardian as sometimes the parents are not comfortable with technology and getting them to log into Whole Game and do it themselves is not always an easy task for clubs. 

  • This is particularly an issue if the parent already has a FAN due to being a player in the past, some of the contact detail is usually out of date and previously I would update it based on the information we collect on our Club Registration form.

  • We used to be able to make certain changes to parent / guardian information. Understandably not all information would be edible by clubs but where there may be an address change or a phone number change for example, it would be helpful if access to those was available to club administrators.

  • A further point on this is the ability to remove parents/guardians - for example once they have been added if they are the incorrect person. Another issue is if they are custodial issues and a parent needs to be removed as part of a court order and won't/can't logon to remove themselves

  • You also tend to end up with the wrong email address linked to a parent FAN following a merge for duplicate FAN numbers. Many 'older' FAN records have out of date email addresses and missing mobile numbers. Would be really useful to be able to edit this as I don't think many parents will do it. It keeps the emergency contact numbers up to date and in line with the club registration forms.

  • At present, to abide by GDPR as well as tidy up our data, we need parents/players to be responsible for their own data by logging into and updating their details. Therefore at present this idea won't be taken forwards. 

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