Automatic notification to team having a player transferred out

When you attempt a transfer at the moment it relies on the signing team actually contacting the team they wish to sign a player from to give notice of approach. This simply won’t happen in some cases and players are already being transferred without the knowledge of their current club. Would it be possible that a notification could automatically be sent to the parent club stating that someone is attempting to sign one of their players. If a team doesn’t check their whole game for a day or two they could lose the right to object to a transfer before completion and this almost happened in our League last night except for a chance conversation between myself and a club.

  • Hi Ian -

    Thank you for your suggestion and I can confirm following this being suggested by yourself and other leagues in the inbox, a notification will be live within the portal for Player Registration 2.2 release on 28th April.

    The notification will be a flag when the club official logs into the portal as well as them receiving an email.


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