Allocating players to teams that are not league registered

All clubs must affiliate all teams to their County FA even if the team is not going to be league registered. However at present the player registration portal does not seem to allow you to register a player into a team that is not league registered. It appears on the drop down list of teams but doesnt come up as an option to assign a player to. You are therefore left with number of players in the pending tab (such as development players, or U6 players).

Please allow clubs to allocate players to non league teams that are still affiliated. It allows parents to understand that they have ownership until their child becomes league registered. It allows clubs to start preperation from U6's so there is no excuse for players not being ready.

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  • Hi Victoria - thank you for raising this, I can confirm this is now a planned enhancement to the system.

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  • UPDATE: Due to be released in Player Registration Version 2.2 -
    Ability to be able to assign to a team that is not registered to a league including Under 6 teams.

    Under 5 teams will be added until Player Registration 3.0 due August/September

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