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Proof of Age - Restore Option to Select What Has Been Seen

On WGS, the option existed for a club when registering a player to record which proof of age was seen for that player. This functionality no longer exists in Player Registration from what I can see, it's purely a tick box exercise to say that the ID has been verified. Whilst there will always be clubs that try to abuse the system and work round the restrictions, there is (and was) no way to prevent a club from ticking that box, knowingly not having seen a valid ID (or even knowing the player's DOB is inaccurate in order for them to play an overage player).
I think that restoring the option to force a secretary / registration officer to record which proof of age has been seen would at least reduce the risk of them just ticking the box regardless, and assist in any subsequent issues if there was an ineligible player investigation.

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  • I've also noticed that the option to enter which official has seen an ID is now completely free text, whereas on WGS,you were presented with a drop down list of valid officials from your club. This seems like a backwards step, to me.

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