Search New Player and Add directly

When I want to add a player, to avoid duplicate data, I would search for the player first in the Search FA Players Tab.  Before, if I could not find the player, I could choose to create a player on the same screen, but now I need to go to the Create Player Tab and enter the same Player Name and DOB to create the new Player data.  Is there a way to either take the same Player data to the Create Player Tab or have a button to start creating that Player's Data on the Search FA Players Tab?

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  • Hi Fumiko,

    Thanks for sending this in - we met as a product team yesterday and agree this will be a worthwhile addition to the site.

    Once we have a further timeline in place I will update this post.



  • Hi Fumiko,

    We have added the ability to be warned if the information added already exists within the system, showing a duplicate message. We haven't added the ability for the information to carry over to the a different tab and this may be reviewed at a later date.

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