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Fully understand that transfers will not be part of the grassroots club portal, just as they were separate to WGS. I also fully understand the process for administering a transfer. One suggestion that could streamline this process for us mere grassroots volunteers is; would it possible when a player is marked as already registered to a club and therefore requires a transfer, the email address of the club we are approaching to be given so to send the notice of approach as per the process? It can extremely difficult on occasion finding the appropriate person or contact details for the club we need to inform. If the club are in our league then obviously our own league secretary can assist, and of course we are probably familiar with them anyway. But if it is a dual league registration or the player has moved into the area, having easy access to an active email address would be hugely beneficial. This information probably already exists within the data held and I hope can be easily shared as appropriate. Many thanks, Anthony Foreman, Wilby Rising FC

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  • Excellent suggestion that would save time & money for club & County

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  • When a notice of approach requirement is flagged is there a way of getting contact details for that club.  County must have those details as the club in question will have to be registered to a County Association.  Currently we have to ask County for this information off line (google does not always give the correct info) which causes a delay right at the start of the process. This would save time for County & the club. 

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  • Hi Anthony and all who have voted for this idea.

    We had a product meeting yesterday and really like the principle of this idea. We know transfers/notice of approach is something very challenging to grassroots football however GDPR might restrict our ability to directly display the other clubs contact detail but we are going to look at:

    A) The structure of notice of approach, how this currently works in clubs portal and what regulatory changes could benefit grassroots football

    B) As you suggested, a means of contacting the other club in order to provide them with the notice without you having to contact the County FA or League Secretary to get this information.

    This is of course a larger piece of work with new functionality however once I have an update on this I will report back.


  • If your league secretary has Google Workspace, he can create a notice of approach form that clubs can use within their own league.

    I have created this for my league, the notice of approach going to a spreadsheet then the spreadsheet creates an email to send to all concerned, I even make sure the email states the FA rules on this and when the 7 days ends.

    They click reply to all and advise if monies are owing and/or if the waive the 7 days or not.

    Works really well for us over the last few years. Same could probably be done with O365  also

  • Brilliant use of technology Mick! Absolutely love that, we will be looking to replicate similar within the system!

  • This item has now been moved from Deferred to planned and is now on the product backlog

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