Referees' Marks in Full-Time

A year ago the method for clubs in our Premier and First Divisions to award referees their club marks was moved from Full-Time to MOAS but for the rest of the season clubs still had to enter "marks" to be able to move on and complete the rest of their stats following each game.
We are now starting a new season and we are surprised and disappointed to see that this problem has not been rectified. Already we are receiving complaints from some of our clubs about something which is such a waste of their time and which we thought The FA were going to rectify.
Is there any chance of something being done in the near future to rectify this?
We appreciate that some leagues still need to be able to mark referees in Full-Time but perhaps an option for the league to opt out of this could be implemented?

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  • Hi Heather, this is forming part of our wider work on the referee functionality within the system in conjunction with the FA Referees Department. 

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