Contact Us - ability to disable

At the moment their is no facility for a League (or even the Grassroots team) to disable the Contact Us facility in Fulltime.

As a League we do not use or monitor this, as it bypasses our set communition routes.

However people still post on it expecting a response, which they do not then get.

We would like the ability for the Contact Us functionality to be disabled by the League if they so wish.

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  • This would be welcome as we do not use this as a communication route. 

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  • Agree, we want this disabling too as a league.

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  • We would need to leave this in somewhere due to the GDPR functionality that has been added on the players pages, especially for junior leagues as below. 

    Will look to see if it can be removed from the menu options which would probably stop a lot of this

  • Andy - If the 'contact form' link ends up with a message to the League within general 'Contact Us' messages then I suspect an awful lot of these would never get read. And give that Leagues cannot hide (or modify) individual player names in FT I'm not sure that it may create a false expectation of what contacting the League can achieve.

    Yes you are absolutely right - if Contact Us could be taken off the top bar menu that would be a big help.



  •  Andy - removing from menu would be good.

    If the contact form puts a message into the general list of contact us messages that Leagues get, I suspect many may be missed.



  • Regarding the contact us about player names, surely this should go through the Clubs themselves as a request and not bypass that communication route so that all parties are aware and can respond/action?

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