Manager contact details for contact prior to fixtures

Use Case - Club Official

As a club official I request that my manager / coach makes contact with the opposition manager / coach ahead of any scheduled home fixture.  This contact is to ensure that pertinent information is shared to ensure that the fixture can be played efficiently.  We want to create the best environment for teams to play and reduce any club administration.

Use Case - Manager / Coach

As a club manager, I need to message other managers who we have a home scheduled fixture with to ensure that all information is shared prior to the match taking place (e.g. address / directions, parking arrangements, kit colours, special considerations etc.).  Not only does this ensure that the right expectations and information is shared to allow the fixture to be played efficiently but also creates a connection between managers that helps before, during and after the game.

Current Solution

For Cambridgeshire FA there are 2 main leagues - Cambridgeshire Mini Soccer league and Cambridge & District Colts League.  The leagues have engaged an external company, Robin Road, to produce mobile apps to store and access manager / club information.  The application is downloaded by managers, they select the league and can then search for contact details of any other team within the league (phone / email), Home Ground and primary kit colours.  Contact is then made outside of the app (phone, SMS, WhatsApp, email).

Potential Solutions

This could be achieved through a messaging feature within an existing FA product (e.g. Matchday) or providing manager / club contact details (phone number / email) so that managers can make contact outside of the application (SMS, WhatsApp, Email).

  • Do you not have Full-Time fixture emails on? You can set these to be sent weekly and they contain all the contact information so you can make that contact without looking someone up.

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