County Cup Stats

As a League Secretary, we use the match stats submitted by the Teams over the course of the season to award Top Scorer in each of our Divisions. This season, we're asking all our Teams in the County Cups to login to FA Fulltime and submit their match stats (starters, subs, scorers etc) as opposed to filling in our old match report form, is there the option that these stats could be visible on the public page. Not only would it be great as we could introduce a top scorer award for each of the County Cups but it would also list player appearances which would give opponents prior knowledge of players eligible to play in Semi Final and/or Finals under the minimum of three matches ruling or if a new signing is Cup-tied.

  • HI Matthew

    Would this be publishing on the FA Full Time pages or the County FA Websites?


  • Hi Andy, this would be publishing on the FA Full Time pages. This is what we see as at my League for Premier Division Top Scorer - 


    This would be great if it could be available for County Cups as well, as were seeking to award Golden Boot awards for each Cup as well.


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