Discipline automatically being added to FT & WGS

The issue of discipline (Yellow & Red Cards) and the automatic population of Match Reports into Full Time from MOAS would be a very sensible move, It would avoid the complex current picture of information flow on Match Day
The end game has to be the Matchday App (but only when it is complete).
- Team Sheets populated by Full Time with only slo
eligible players 
- Electronic Exchange of Team Sheets
- Match information to be updated during the gam.
- Result, Goal-scorers & Goal-times to be submitted directly after end of match.
- Disciple to be added via MOAS
  • Discipline will be added in the future burt need to wait until Discipline has moved across to the club and Competition Portal from Whole Game

    The Match Updates can already be done through the Matchday App and publish Team Sheets prior to the match into Full Time

  • There are some major issues to overcome with using Matchday App.

    There is no link for League operation. Only clubs and players. The production of a Team Sheet would be simply a typed version of what is done manually now. It is not connected to FA Full Time, and therefore clubs can enter incorrect information. Leagues will still be manually comparing Team Sheets, Match Result team list details (goal-scorers, substitutes yellow & red cards etc……), & Referee Reports with each-other, and also what is on Full Time. In this day and age this is ridiculous.  If the system were connected to FA Full Time and only those players that are eligible to play (will require in-put from Discipline area) in that game can be selected for the Team Sheet from a drop-down menu, then almost all of the checking goes away. The Match Report can be generated from this, so there are no comparison issues, and the yellow & red cards can be automatically input from the Referee Report.


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