Contact Messages

At present a contact message can be received in the system and a notification that a message has been received is sent to nominate committee members (but not the actual message) - however it is not easy to reply.  

Can either the message be included in the notification, or a reply function added within the contact message section?

  • Do you get many Contact Messages that generate a requirement for a response?

  • Quite a few after the County FA run a referees course and a new group of referees are looking to be added (we don't allocate referees, so need to refer them to Clubs); as an initial point of contact for prospective new clubs towards the end of the season; and when parents wish to raise concerns over issues and don't want to go through their team/clubs - around 30-40 emails a year.

    Most/all comms from within teams and clubs comes in via email and WhatsApp. 

  • We’d like this functionality turned off entirely and direct people to our league who to contact page. We have set up a Microsoft Power Automation to respond to the emails automatically saying they won’t be read and to visit the league who to contact webpage.
  • We'd like to be able to turn these off from a league perspective entirely.

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