Adding Venues to Multiple Teams

A lot of youth leagues have central venues with many pitches. Can we have an option to select multiple teams and then add or remove a venue/pitch. I have just had to add another venue in to our U8's and with 61 teams that is a lot of clicks. Maybe a check box to the left and a select All option at the top when we go to edit teams (see snip)

This would really help at the start of the season when teams have been moved up a year as the previous venue stays with them. We have to move that venue and add another to each team.

When the U7 or a new team is added it has the default venue as the team name. If this was changed to a constant name say 'default venue' or 'venue required' it would mean we would be able to deselect that venue as a group (in my case 45 teams) and add another venue as a group. This would be a huge time saver.

  • We are currently working on a large piece of work involving venues and will add this suggestion to that piece of work

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