Separate out the Referee's panel on a league

We have just started a Development league separate from out main step 5/6 supply league. We would like to separate out those match officials on the step 5 & 6 league i.e Premier & Division One with those on the Development league. At the moment they are all mixed in and therefore difficult to sent separate messages to them via FAFT and just causes confusion as its one big list and we cannot easily identify the 2 panels.

From: FA Grassroots Tech Service Desk <>
Sent: 15 August 2022 08:50
Subject: Re: Separte out referees Panel


Hi Ian,


This is not something that is currently built into the system . 


However, Personally I believe that this would be something that would be of benefit to a number of leagues. 


If you can submit it as an enhancement request on the link below I will ensure it is discussed at our next product meeting


Kind Regards


Andy Stickley

Grassroots Service Desk Administrator

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