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Respect FA mandatory Marks

I was wondering how easy the marking is to change for respect. Mainly for consistency and to give us better data. The opposition current rate on behaviour on and around the pitch and rating is positive, occasional and regular poor behaviour. Referees have it broken down players, spectators and coaches however the ratings are exceeds, standard and poor behaviour.  Feedback we have had is, could it be a mixture of the two please. Everyone rates on 3. Players, spectators and coaches. Having around the pitch does not help easily identify the issue. Some people consider around the pitch as spectators and coaches while others just spectators. Some think coaches are classed on the pitch. Is it possible when marking the opposition it is marking just the opposition. Currently it asked about both teams. We use the received marks to score the opposition. Example I had a team who had a player abused, because it was both teams the coach correctly marked them down based on the wording. However this meant their 100% respect from opposition was not received even though they did not do anything wrong. Final request, can referee markings be the same as the coaches. Positive, occasional and regular poor behaviour. This means when looking at both they are consistent and easily feedback to the team / club. Knowing the regular poor behaviour helps us prioritise the teams to watch and help educate.

  • Hi Chris

    The leagues currently have the option to add additional questions for teams to complete within the system already


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