Venue Data pulled from during integration

Would be extremely helpful if venue data could be collected from clubs as part of their affiliation process and then pulled through to FT when the league is integrated.  At present the venue details are automatically filled with either the venue that they used last season (not always helpful in youth football where clubs move their teams around to pitches of the correct size) or just the name of the team if they didn't play the season before.

With the latter no only do leagues need to add the new venue, but they also need to delete the old (team name) venue.

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  • Yes, this has just been a huge pain. Venue data coming across is a must. The data is all there on, would be even better if they could specify which pitch which would then help the advanced scheduler tools.

  • Agree, setting 300+ venues for each team individually is a pain in the ass.....this should data should already be part of the affiliation process and drawn into Fulltime.

  • This will be something that we can look at further after Affiliation has moved across to the Club Portals and the data is more reliable. 

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