Referee Availability/Match Allocation

Whether this is something that is best placed in Full-time or somewhere else I'm not sure.

It would great to have a website/app that essentially includes all fixtures and referees can publish their availability for specific dates.

As a league and a club it's a nightmare sometimes when trying to get a referee for games as you could potentially end up sending 20+ emails/messages and the first 19 already have a game, it must be annoying for the refs themselves to receive pointless emails/messages too.

I know this exists already from some external companies but with the FA owning all of the referee, league, club and match date they are best placed to pull all of this together in one place and create a seamless experience from setting up a match, player availability and potentially referee availability.

So from what i've suggested it's a combination of all the technologies; WGS, Full-time and Matchday.

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  • Totally agree, it is obvious to us all the FA should be ideally placed to provide this type of functionality given they own all the sources of data, and would be more integrated than a 3PV solution from someone like YesRef, but it would require the technology team to work with the Referee dept. so I will not hold my breath that this could be done any time soon.

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  • This already exists, it's called MOAS. For some reason, The FA won't implement it to grassroots leagues. It's only Step 5 or 6 and above I believe.

  • Great idea. If would be so helpful to have all the referee availability online in fulltime booking system. Communication doesn't always come through straight away from referees and like stated they must be receiving multiple emails from clubs and leagues when they are already booked up.
  • Need to work with Referees Department on this

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