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Full-Time - Suspensions

Enhancement Request -

For Full-Time to integrate with Wholegame so that Suspensions are created and maintained in line with the data that exists within Wholegame thus removing the manual effort.   

As the application currently stands there are two key problems -

1). it relies on someone within each league to administer the suspension information manually

2). as a consequence it can and usually does lead to suspension data / information getting out of step.  This leads to clubs / players potentially being played in breach of the rules.

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  • This would be an excellent idea..We have given up maintaining the info on Full Time

  • Please treat this as a priority enhancement. The only way the opponents can see that a player is currently suspended is by the notification in Fulltime which has to be entered and maintained by a league official. It is duplication and requires a lot of that person's valuable time researching / investigating and entering or removing the suspensions. Very frustrating!!!!

  • We are currently working on discipline as a larger piece of work to move across from Whole Game into the portals and this could form part of that work. 

    We are also looking into some shorter term solutions that would support the suspensions options within Full Time

  • This is a bigger piece of work that we will only be able to look at when Discipline moves across from Whole Game System. This is not likely to happen for a couple of years os is possibly something we can pick up again then. 

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