Secure API Access

We have teams in multiple leagues and we'd like a more efficient way to display and consoidate our home match schedule for all teams without having to go into the various leagues and then piece this together via FA Full-time. Could the data be opened up to a secure API?

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  • An entire club view within Full-Time Admin, rather than league by league could solve this too.

  • There is a sort-of work around. Your league can give you a code snippet that you can embed on a webpage that displays upcoming fixtures by division or by team. It's under the media menu in 'code snippets'

  • An idea that we will investigate further in the future. 

  • It sounds like David faces the same problem that I do.  As a committee member responsible for managing pitch allocation for our youth clubs home games, it would simplify things greatly if I could access the fixtures for all our club teams via an API rather than manually going through the fulltime web interface.

    We are also looking to implement an online registration portal for our club which could potentially be integrated directly with a fulltime API.

    Like many clubs we struggle to recruit volunteers so any help from the FA to reduce the amount of manual administration would be of great value

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