Full-Time Suggestion: Displayed Name

This is particularly relevant for referees, but could also relate to players.

The name that shows on Full-Time is pulled from the information on WGS (CRM), under the fields 'First Name' and 'Last Name'. This is required to be an individual's official/birth name should they require to obtain a DBS.

However, there are examples of individuals whose given forename differs significantly from their preferred/known name. This can be quite important when it comes to contact with, for example, a referee, pre-game and even on the day itself. There is an option on CRM to list either/or a 'Preferred Name' and 'Also Known As (First Name)'.

Is it possible that Full-Time (and other FA platforms), look to either the 'Preferred Name' or 'Also Known As (First Name)' fields first when a forename is being published and if the respective field is empty then it resorts to pulling the information from the 'First Name' field?

If not possible, it has to be asked why is there the 'Preferred Name' and 'Also Known As (First Name)' fields in the first place?

Thank you.

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  • We agree that this needs to be added but will take investigation due to the way the all the systems link together. 

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