Recording of penalties next to the player in the line-up section

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Good afternoon

Please would it be possible for a player scoring a goal via a penalty to be
recorded next to their name as happens currently (with a football and goal
time) when a player scores in ordinary play?

I get queries that I have missed a goal scorer off - when in fact the
details are further down the page under 'Full result details'.

Thank you for consideration.

Colin Moore
Peel A.F.C.

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When a goal is scored through a penalty it needs to be recorded in both the goals and penalty columns. 


Kind Regards


Andy Stickley

Grassroots Service Desk Administrator

I appreciate that a penalty needs to be recorded in both columns.


My request related to the penalty also being recorded against the players name in the line-up section at the top.


For example:  John Smith (football symbol) 23, 67 (football symbol) 82 pen. (or p)


Thank you


Colin Moore


Peel A.F.C.

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  • If you record a penalty as a goal and a penalty then the Overall Goals column will be wrong. So I agree with Colin, visually treat a penalty the same as a goal.

  • This is something we will look to work on with the Developers

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