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Have the ability to select which of generated emails are sent out

I would like the emails to be more flexible. It is not always the case that those currently generated need to be sent out. I work on a maximum 6 week window for unhidden fixtures, and do not want to inundate clubs with emails for fixtures towards the end of that period, whilst still being able to inform clubs of some changes. I therefore tend to work on fixtures that do need emails then send them and then on those that do not and delete them. However this does not work when someone else is generating emails! I also occasionally make mistakes in fixtures that generate emails where I notice my error!

I would like to suggest that the emails generated by a user are the ones that he controls - so I would only be able to send or delete emails I generate. Also I would like to be able to select from the generated emails those that I would like to send and those I would like to delete.

  • There are currently ways that you can control which emails are sent to which group of people they are sent too. 

    You can also stop emails from being sent within  an hour of generation throught he emails functionality within the system. 

    Based on feedback we have from other leagues the majority like the automated functionality as means that they do not need to do this manually for each set of updates. 

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