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Facility to record a player on the match stats who has 'played up' but is registered to the team below

Can there be a facility where we can show a player who has 'played up' for a particular match when completing the stats on Full Time. So for example they are registered to an u14 team and can only be registered to one team in the league, but if they 'play up' for the u15 team in a match (same league), it would be really useful if we are able to show this on the stats ie allocate him to the game so there is a record of that player having taken part in the match.

  • If you register the player for the U15's as well in the WGS wont they appear as a player and thus be selected. 

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  • In order to comply with registration requirements the player should still have been registered with both teams so would show within Full Time

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