County Cup - Creating or Editing Cups

Sign into County Portal. Here you will see the 'County Cups' menu option


Creating new County Cup

Step 1. Select 'Cups' Tab and then 'Add Cup'

Step 2. Enter required Information

County Cup Name: Will be visible in Club Portal
County Cup Description: Short description of competition
Eligible Age Groups: Age groups that can enter (can be multiple)
Format: Size of Teams / Futsal / Mini-Soccer
Gender: Male / Female / Mixed (can be multiple)
Invite Only: If selected Yes the cup will not be visible to Clubs in Club Portal and County FA             will have to add teams manually
Match Day: Day of match for eligible teams (can be multiple)
Disability: Non-Disability or Type of Disability for entry
Type: Football / Futsal / Walking Football
Football Level: Level of team to be eligible to enter in relevant pathway
Open date: Date that clubs can start to enter the Cup
Entry Deadline: Date that entry to cup closed for clubs to enter via Club Portal. County FA             will still be able to add teams in through County Portal. 
Additional County FA's: Select neighbouring County FA's where you will accept teams affiliated             to that County FA to enter your competition. 
One Entry per Club: If yes selected once a club has entered one team the system will not allow             them to enter any further teams. 

Step 3. Click 'Save' and the cup will appear on the list of competitions with certain criteria visible. 

Editing County Cup

Step 1. Select 'Cups' Tab

Step 2. Select edit icon next to Cup to be edited

Step 3. Edit the information that needs to be changed and click 'Save' when finished

The details will now be updated. 

Deleting County Cup

You will only be able to delete a cup if there are no teams entered. the bin icon will not be available to select. 

Step 1. Select 'Cups' Tab

Step 2. Select bin icon next to Cup to be deleted

Step 3. Click Confirm 

The cup will then be removed from the list of Competitions. 

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