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To help onboard users onto the many different football programmes used by the FA Events Platform, there is now a tool (upon request) that allows providers to manually add participants to their session list in situations where participants or their parents/carers are not able to sign up themselves. This 'Add Participants' tool will give the provider the ability to capture the name, date of birth, gender and postcode of up to 50 participants per session.

This tool is available upon request but only applicable to providers with valid reasons as to why they cannot input their own participants to their session register. Please get in touch with us if you feel like your provider meets this 'Add Participant' criteria and we will look to support if we deem the reasons are appropriate.

If your provider does meet the criteria and you have been in touch with us to get the 'Add Participant' tool added to your sessions, then this is how you use it:


Adding Participants

Firstly, head to your 'Sessions' tab down the left side menu of the Events Platform and choose the necessary session from the listed ones there that you wish to manually add participants to.

You can then flick to the 'Add Participants' tab at the top where you will be able to see a list of columns below. This is where you input the participants and add their information to your sessions.

Simply fill in the necessary detail for the participants you need to add. You will need to complete every box in the column with an asterisk next to it, which will then move the 'Info Required' progress bar at the end towards green. If the progress bar is amber, there may still be missing information required for the participant. Once it turns fully green, all the information is inputted for the participant.

One thing to note (pardon the pun) is the 'Notes' section when adding a participant, as this is part of the mandatory details needed to be filled in and is also very important for the safety and security of the participant.

There is the chance to add a primary and optional secondary emergency contact firstly, which is mandatory for youth participants but optional for adult participants. In addition, confirming if medical and accessibility requirements for the participant are needed for sessions is required here and is mandatory for both adult and youth participants. Please complete this section accurately in case problems occur.

Clearing Participants

If you have made a mistake on someone's details or no longer want to add a certain participant to your sessions, you can easily remove them from the list before submitting their addition by using the 'Clear All Fields' option at the right side. This will clear all the information inputted in that row.

Confirming Participants

When you have added the necessary participants and finalised your list, you can then confirm the addition of your participants to your session register. You will need to check that everyone you wish to add has the green progress bar showing, before ticking the box at the top of the page to agree that the data you have inputted is correct in line with GDPR. The 'Add Player(s)' box will then be clickable in green, telling you how many players you are adding, and confirmation will be displayed at the bottom when done.

Marking Attendance

Once participants have been added to your session, you will then need to host the session (obviously) and mark attendance afterwards. The participants you added using the tool will go straight into your session participant list, so if you stay on the same session but now go to the 'Participants' tab at the top, you will see the names you inserted.

When the session has taken place, you should be able to mark the attendance of everyone booked on. This includes anyone you added via the 'Add Participants' tool. Repeat the whole process for any future sessions that need manually-added participants until they are able to book themselves onto a session!

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