Snickers Protein Just Play 18+

The Snickers Protein Just Play application flow is now split into 16+ delivery and 18+ delivery, so it's important that your application has the correct minimum age to ensure you are advertising your sessions to the appropriate age range. We have automatically changed everyone's application minimum age to 18+.

This means if you are an existing Snickers Protein Just Play provider delivering to people who are 16 and 17 years of age at your sessions, some quick changes on the platform are needed to be made by you. However, if you are delivering to people aged 18 and over, you don't have to do anything at all apart from keeping staff's coaching qualifications and emergency aid awards in date! See below for what you may need to consider though.


New Snickers Protein Just Play Providers - 18+

For brand new Snickers Protein Just Play applications for those planning on delivering sessions to participants aged 18 and upwards, you can just follow the application as normal and choose 18+ on the third page of the flow. Please pay attention to the text displayed on the different ages.

Continue your application by filling in all the remaining sections, including the confirmation of the minimum age as 18 or above in the section below, and then submit to your County FA for approval. Do be sure to check your coach/volunteer section as well to ensure people listed have the correct qualifications for 18+ delivery. Once approved by your County FA, you can create your event and sessions!

Existing Snickers Protein Just Play Providers - 18+

For existing Snickers Protein Just Play providers who are already delivering sessions to people aged 18 and over, it's likely that no action will be needed by you because the settings we have changed automatically do not impact your delivery. People booked onto your sessions will already be over 18 years of age, due to you having set at least 18 or above as your minimum age in your application and event prior to the automatic change from us.

Please do double check the qualifications of your listed staff to ensure they are all up to date and verified for adult delivery, as awards like a FA DBS are not mandatory for the 18+ age range.

Although, if you're now at a point where you wish to lower your minimum age to below 18 years old and therefore start holding sessions to include those of 16 and 17 years of age, you will need to edit your application and then your event and sessions accordingly to reflect this. Please see the Snickers Protein Just Play 16+ guidance where this is explained in greater depth.

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