(County FA Guidance) Pushing your County Cup to Full-Time

In order to push your County Cup to Full-Time, you will firstly need to check your product within CRM.


Step one: Find your product

Go to "Roles and products" and search for your competition

Step two: check your participants

Go to "Participants" on the left handside and then select the view "Active/Inactive Memberships". Any teams displayed who are either "Active" or "Draft" should push to Full-Time.

To remove a team, simply highlight them and click "deactivate". If teams are missing please see this guidance on how to add teams: Add teams to County Cups

Step three: Push your county cup (add new fulltime county cup season)

Once you are happy your participants are in place (you can still add additional teams after integration) then please click the "Fulltime County Cup Seasons" tab then click "Add New Fulltime County Cup Season"

Once within the below tab, you will need to firstly type in a "Name" we would recommend this being the same as your name of your County Cup. 

Then insert a season, please note it is important the season is the same as the season they will be playing the competition in ie. "2021-22"

Finally, add a start date of the date you are filling this out and an end date of 30th June of your current season (ie for 2020-21 season this would be 30th June 2021)

Then click "Save & Close"

Your teams should push through to Full-time within 2-3 hours. If after 24 hours your teams have not pulled through, please contact full-time@thefa.com 

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