Mass delete fixtures/results

This is guidance on how to mass delete fixtures/results from within FA Full-Time

Warning: Deleting fixtures/results cannot be undone and these cannot be restored by The FA Full-Time support team. Please ensure you definitley want them to be deleted. 

Step one: Head to fixtures tab > Fixture list

Step two: Click "Mass delete"

Step three: Select which fixture group (Division) and the status of the matches you want to delete. This means you can delete only "postponed" fixtures for example.

Tip: if you want to only delete "postponed" or "void" fixtures, you can mass update matches to these statuses in bulk using this guidance: Click here for guidance

You will then be informed how many fixtures/results this will delete.

Warning: Please be aware this will delete ALL fixtures/results within the selected fixture group with the selected status.

Finally, once you are happy with your selection, click "Delete"

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