Using Your Fixture List

To be able to view and edit the fixture list you must be a League Administrator


To open the fixture list in Full Time, select the fixtures tab at the top and then fixture list. Here you can manage and edit existing fixtures. You can use the filters at the top to show fixtures for a particular date, fixture group, Club or Team or to the status of a fixture.

The actions box will remain grayed out until you click the small box on the left of the fixture group and you will only be able to edit fixtures that do no already have a result listed

Once the desired fixtures are showing you can then use the actions button to mass edit. To do this click the small box on the left of the fixtures group. The actions box will then turn green and once you select it you will see a range of options;

  • Change date and time – Simply choose the date and time you would like to rearrange the fixtures for
  • Change time only – Keep the same date but mass update the time
  • Add or remove days – Move the fixtures forwards or backwards by several days
  • Change date status – Change the status of the fixture from “normal / confirmed” to “to be confirmed”
  • Change venue – Change the fixture venue to the same venue for every fixture
  • Change status – Change the status of the fixtures from normal to either cancelled, postponed or void

At the top you will also notice there is also the option to other fixture pages including conflicts.


Here you can view any fixture conflicts and use the filters at the top to show the fixture group, Club or Team or the conflict reason. The blue highlighted box below allows you to edit;

  • The minimum number of hours that must elapse between consecutive fixtures for a team
  • to set the number of hours (rest hours) that must elapse for specific pitches then edit the pitch via the list venues page
  • the number of days where the same cannot play each other again

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