How to sign into FA Full-Time

Please note: Only the following roles have access to Full Time: Team manager, Team Coach (assistants of these roles) and Team Secretary

There has been a large change to Full-Time login, users will now sign in using their email address. Once you have signed in with your email address you will no longer be able to use the "Sign in with username" function (after 72 hours).

Please note: The email address & password you use to login will be the same details you use to login to Whole Game System, The FA Matchday App or Whole Game System. If you need to set/reset your password please click "Forgotten password?"

The benefits of signing in with an email address include;

  • The ability to switch between multiple admin roles which you hold in different leagues (A feature that has frequently been requested)
  • Greater security of your login information
  • Improved experience between FA sites

Video guidance is available here and full written guidance is further down the page


Sign into Full-Time

1. You will be firstly presented with two options:

  • "Sign in using email" - this is the new option we would encourage you to use
  • "Sign in using username" - this is the old method of signing in and if you are using a different email on your FA Account to your Full-Time profile, can be used to sign in. Guidance is here: Sign in using username

2. After clicking "sign in using email" please input your FA Account email address and password and click "sign in"

WARNING: If you face an error message informing you "Your email exists on more than one account" please visit the following article: Duplicate Email Solution

If you have signed up for a FAN after the 19th May, the option to sign in with your FAN will not work. You will need to login with your email address and FA password.

3. You should now be signed into FA Full-Time

Info: If you operate on multiple leagues, you can click the "league dropdown" to select another league's Full-Time site you may wish to access

Adding additional leagues to your sign in

If you have additional leagues you operate on which are not under your 'dropdown' then you can add them in from "admin home" providing you know your username and password

1. Click on the button from Admin home which says "View your leagues / Add Full-Time sign in"

2. Input the "Username and password" of the full-time account you wish to link to your new login then click "Sign in & link"

3. From the username & password you input, the system will then ask you to confirm the link. Once confirmed you will then be able to sign into this additional account using your FA Email Address & Password

How to switch between leagues

You can easily switch between the league accounts you administer. After signing in make sure you are on the "Admin Home Page"

1. Navigate to the "Profile" section at the top of the "Admin Home" page

2. Under the "League section" click on the drop down and then select the league you wish to administer.

Troubleshooting for FA Full-Time Sign in with email:

ERROR MESSAGE: "All Full-Time roles require a date of birth, please follow these steps" but email is correct in ... 

SOLUTION: Contact, we can fix this for you! You can also still access your account using the "Sign in with username" button available here: Sign in with username 

We know the cause of this issue and are looking to fix this error ASAP

ERROR MESSAGE: "You cannot take over this account. Ask your league administrator to merge this person"

SOLUTION: This means that the user has two profiles within this leagues FA Full-Time.

League Admins - Log into the league using your username & password > merge the two records > sign back in with email > you should now be able to link. Guidance here: Merge People in FA Full-Time 

ERROR MESSAGE: (This occurs after you have merged a profile) "Sorry this username/password combination is incorrect. Please try again"

SOLUTION: Firstly, double check the username/password is correct. If it still doesn't work, it's likely that your username has been taken off of your account you can fix this by:

    a) Asking another league administrator or league official to go to > People > Search > Find the account which cannot sign in > Edit > Invite to login (Guidance here: Send login invite guidance)

    b) Contact the Service desk: who will be able to release a login invite

We know the cause of this issue and are looking to fix this error ASAP.


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