Just Play For Students Application Flow

The following 10-step process will take you through the flow for creating an application for a Just Play For Students provider. This is what you would need to follow if you wanted to set up a new Just Play For Students provider in your area for students of any age who want to partake in some casual recreational football alongside their studies.


Before anything else of course, you must firstly have logged in or created an account on the FA Events Platform, and once you've done so, go to the 'Applications' tab on the left-hand side to start a new application. Click to start a new application by pressing the blue 'Create Application' button in the top right corner, and we're off!

Step 1: Programme Type

The first page of the application allows you to select which programme the FA Events Platform covers. Since you're on this article and not the Walking Football, Wildcats or original Just Play article, click Just Play for Students of course! Tick to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, then hit 'Next'.

Step 2: Personal Details

The next section is information about you, the main organiser/applicant. Simply fill in all your personal details here including your date of birth, home address, email address and phone number. Let's move on!

Step 3: Provider Information

Following on from your details are your new intended provider's details. This is where you can input what the provider is called, where it is, its address and contact information, and what County FA it comes under. This may or may not be at the address where delivery is eventually held - something you can tick or un-tick at the bottom. Onward!

Step 4: Partners and Questions

Almost halfway through already? It's easy this application lark. Fill in the two drop-down options at the top and choose whether there will be a charity involved as part of your delivery. Via a few simple following questions, this part of the application is the chance for you to explain why you want to become a Just Play for Students provider and all the reasons you're going to provide a great set of football sessions to the students who will turn up! If you're linked to a grassroots club, let us know at the bottom which one!

Step 5: Session Details

Next up are some further details about your provider. From the three boxes at the top, choose whether your provider will be male only, female only or mixed participation. After that, there are some more important things to confirm. Is it going to be a disability-specific provider? Walking Football-only provider? Futsal-specific provider? Once you've picked yes or no for each, you then need to distinguish whether the sessions are based on Soccercise (football with a fitness emphasis) or a Turn Up And Play Activity.

Then, determine the minimum and maximum age a participant has to be between in order to take part in your future sessions. Also, choose how many booking places you are going to offer - and 16 is the minimum amount of places. Input how much are you going to charge per session to participants too. Cost per session needs to be no more than £5, however, you can charge more if you feel like you have to but you'll need to speak to your County FA about this and explain why.

Step 6: Dates and Days

In at number six are the start and end dates in addition to the day(s) you will run your future sessions. Choose a start date here at some point in the future, and as the Just Play For Students delivery window is usually between September and June, choose your appropriate period of time. Remember that you will need to deliver a minimum of 12 weeks' worth of sessions in the year you apply for, so consider this when selecting your dates, then just tell us which day you're thinking of. If you pick two or more days, you will be expected to deliver sessions on those days every week between your start and end dates. Next!

Step 7: Documents

Get this step right and you're already on your way to being a great provider as these documents can prove occasionally tricky, but they are quite straightforward in reality. You will need to have 2 documents uploaded onto this application form to be a Just Play For Students provider and they are listed in the image below.

Ensure one version of each are selected in the 2 drop-down boxes, and then you press 'Select File To Upload' underneath the document name. Click the correct document file from your computer for the appropriate boxes and this will upload them. There is only one rule - you cannot have many special characters or funky punctuation within your document because the system doesn't like it. You will know the document has been uploaded because there will be a clickable link underneath each box. Any you need to remove, just use the 'Remove' button to the right and upload again.

Go to the next section quickly. Scary right?

Step 8: Venue

Start typing your venue name or postcode into the box and hit 'Find Venue'. It should bring up a list of those nearby so select the desired one you're going to use for your sessions. Once chosen, this should automatically pre-select the right County FA - but do change this if not correct. Move down and fill in details about this venue, such as the facility type, pitch type and number of pitches. If you require two venues (perhaps a summer and a winter one), simply click 'Add New Venue' and do the same again.

Step 9: Coach

Put down who is going to be the coach of the provider. If you are the person completing the application and are going to be the coach of the sessions, tick 'I Am The Lead Coach' and then fill in any details underneath if needed. If you're not going to be the coach but someone else is, then insert that person's FAN into the box, or if you don't know their FAN, ask for the details required in the boxes following. This should then pull through all their information below and tell you if they are verified to meet the coaching criteria outlined at the top of this page of the application. If you plan on having two or more coaches, the option to 'Add Another Coach' and 'Remove' a coach listed are there at the bottom for you to press if necessary.

Step 10: Summary and Submit

Agree to those terms and conditions by ticking the box and signing your name. Have a read through to make sure you understand everything that's required of a provider, and then 'Agree and Continue'. You've made it! That wasn't so bad, was it?

The final page will show you a summary of everything you have filled in, and you have the chance to go back and edit any section using the pencil icons next to the specific information. Anything highlighted in red will need some attention so look out for that. This could include staff being unqualified to deliver or a part of the application that has been missed out.

If you're happy with everything, all the criteria is met, your venue is expecting you, and you're ready to host some football - go ahead and confirm your application at the bottom of the summary page! This will go straight through to the County FA which you put down within the application who will then review what you've written and give you a response. They will either approve it, reject it, or send it back to you for any clarifications they need.

Once approved, you've applied! Now you're good to go and create your event.

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