Editing Sessions

Occasionally, you might need to change some details on one particular session that might be different to the norm. Maybe the coach can't make it that week, or the venue isn't available to use. On the FA Events Platform, you can edit various elements of all your sessions to make everything stay up-to-date. This can be done on an individual basis or en masse.

The below list of changes require County FA approval within the application first - so if you need to edit any sessions, ensure that your application is updated with all the intended changes before attempting. Editing these features on the session side will not take place until County FA application approval has been made, but once the County FA has approved any of one of them, you can change these ad-hoc.

  • Coach details 
  • Volunteer details 
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) details 
  • Venue details 
  • Organiser contact details 
  • Number of participant places 
  • Cost per session 
  • Surface type


This video walks through the process of editing a session, both for a single session and for multiple sessions at a time. There is written guidance below if you prefer.

Editing Individual Sessions

To edit an individual session, firstly go to the 'Sessions' tab on the left side menu and click on the relevant session that needs editing from the list you have.

You will land on the 'Details' tab of that particular chosen session automatically, and towards the right of the screen, you should see an 'Edit Session' button in blue to press.

Remember, any staff listed in your approved application can login and edit sessions on the event too.

By pressing 'Edit Session', this will bring up a lot of useful information regarding that particular session in a summary screen for you. The pencil icons down the side are for you to press and use at your convenience to edit any specific detail - including the coaches, the session time and venue amongst others. Anything without a pencil icon next to it might need to be changed in your application. After making any session amendments, 'Save' and close.

Please note - these changes are SESSION ONLY. Any changes made to an individual session in the method outlined above will only apply for that session and NOT apply to any other sessions. To make changes that reflect more than one session, see the method for editing multiple sessions.

Editing Multiple Sessions

To edit more than one session at once, you can either repeat the individual session edit process one by one, or you can use the mass-update tool. This method will show how to do that.

You still need to be on the 'Sessions' tab as normal, but you need to use the drop-down filter on the left side above your listed sessions to choose which set of sessions within your event(s) that you wish to edit in bulk. Choose the necessary event the sessions relate to and then press 'Go'.

This should bring up a load of tick boxes down the side of each individual session within the event you specified. Use these tick boxes to select which sessions you want to make changes to (the very top tick box will choose all sessions if selected). You will need to choose more than one session for this method to work - after which the right sided drop-down filter will become active.

From the newly-active drop-down list on the right side of the screen, simply choose what kind of edit you want to do from the list. You can change time, date, staff, venue and other details of the sessions you ticked. Fill in the required change and press 'Update'.

The system will then give you a double check message to ensure you are happy with the edits you have made, and will email any participants booked onto the session to notify them of the updates if you confirm.

The page will refresh and update with the reflected new information for the sessions. Simply press 'Back' to head to the 'Sessions' tab again on the platform where you will be able to see your edited sessions.

If you cannot update a session using the mass-update tool filter and you receive error messages etc, it's likely that you would need to go back to your application to reflect the change in there first. This would then need re-approving by your county before you attempt to edit your sessions in the way above.

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