Editing Sessions

Occasionally, you might need to change some details on one particular session that might be different to the norm. Maybe the coach can't make it that week, or the venue isn't available to use. On the FA Events Platform, you can edit various elements of individual sessions to make everything stay up-to-date.

The below list of changes require County FA approval first. Editing these features will not update until County FA approval has been made but once the County FA has approved any of one of them, you can change these ad-hoc.

  • Coach details 
  • Volunteer details 
  • Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) details 
  • Venue details 
  • Organiser contact details 
  • Session start and end time 
  • Number of participant places 
  • Cost per session 
  • Surface type

This video walks through the process of sharing a session. There is written guidance below if you prefer.

To edit a session, firstly go to the 'Sessions' tab on the left side menu and click on the relevant session that needs editing from the list you have.

You will land on the 'Details' tab automatically, and towards the right of the screen, you should see an 'Edit Session' button in blue to press.

By pressing 'Edit Session', this will bring up a lot of useful information regarding that particular session in a summary screen for you. The pencil icons down the side are for you to press and use at your convenience to edit any specific detail - including the coaches, the session time and venue amongst others. Anything without a pencil icon next to it might need to be changed in your application. After making any session editions, 'Save' and close. Remember - any staff listed in your approved application can log in and access the Events Platform.

Please note - these changes are SESSION ONLY. Any changes made to an individual session will only apply for that session and NOT apply to any other sessions. To make changes that reflect in every session, you will need to edit your event. If you need to make changes to a few sessions then you need to follow the above process for each session.

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