Editing Age of an Event

There are many easily editable features within your events and the various pages on the FA Events Platform, but there are a couple which are slightly more dependable on other things within the system. These include editing the age groups of your event.

Please note: For Weetabix Wildcats, the age range in the application is automatically set to 5-11 so this cannot be edited. Squad is also set to ages 12-14. You can edit the ages in the Weetabix Wildcats or Squad event section further down the page though. For Snickers Protein Just Play and Age UK Walking Football, ages are editable in both the application and event.


Editing Age Groups In The Application (Snickers Protein Just Play And Age UK Walking Football Only)

If there is an age range already set in your approved application, you can only change the age group in your event if no participants have booked onto sessions and before your sessions have started their delivery. If participants have booked onto a session already, you must cancel all your current event's sessions and then head back to your application to amend the age before recreating new sessions again on your event.

An example of how this looks is below.

Firstly, click on the 'Applications' tab and then select which approved application you'd like to now change the age range for.

When you are into the application, using the pencil icon on the summary page, ensure you get to the Event Information section that looks like the one below. As you can see, the minimum age and maximum age range for the sessions were set by you - and they will either appear editable with blue text drop down options (highlighted in yellow) or greyed out (highlighted in red) depending if participants have already booked onto sessions.

If the ages are editable within your approved application, then great - you can edit the age range in your application and event details as no one has booked onto sessions yet. Although, if the ages are not editable in your application and you want to change them, you will need to cancel your event and its sessions and recreate new sessions with your new intended ages after amending them in your application.

Editing Age Groups In The Event (All Programmes)

Assuming you can now edit the age with no issues, to see the ages in your event, go to the 'Events' tab and click the event that corresponds to the application you have edited the age within.

This will land you on the 'Details' tab where all the event information is displayed. Choose to 'Edit Event' on the right side of the screen in blue.

Once pressed, it should bring up the following screen where you can use the pencil icon to edit the age. As previously said, the age will be editable or not depending on whether participants have booked onto your sessions, assuming you have the correct age range selected in your application, and if you have cancelled your all your sessions.

When edited as necessary, press 'Save' and you're done!

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