Cancelling Sessions

As well as adding and editing individual sessions, you also have the option to cancel a session via the Events Platform, which is really handy should the weather be bad, people can't make it, or there is another important matter that needs to be attended to at the same time and day.

When you've chosen the event of which you want to cancel a session in, go from the 'Details' tab to the 'Sessions' tab and ensure the 'Upcoming Sessions' sub-tab is selected first. You will then see a list of all your future sessions for your programme.

Each block in the list is an individual session which you can click into for editing. We are looking at Thursday 26th March here as an example, so using the drop-down arrow to the right of each session (as highlighted in the above picture), click into the desired session you want to cancel. By scrolling down the session information page slightly, you will find four options at the bottom - one of which is 'Cancel Session'.

If this is the session you wish to cancel, click that button. It brings up a warning - just to double check with you (as you might have participants already booked on).

If you're happy and you definitely want to cancel the session, continue cancelling the session where you then have the ability to explain why the session has been cancelled. Here, you can write a message which will be emailed to all those participants who have booked onto your session.

Once sent, this will show on the as a cancelled session and you will have an alert at the end to confirm the cancellation. That individual session on Thursday 26th March will now transfer from your 'Upcoming Sessions' sub-tab and instead appear under your 'Cancelled Sessions' sub-tab on the Events Platform.

If the start date of a series of sessions needs to be brought forward, you should cancel the existing sessions and edit your application for County FA re-approval.

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