Missing Players On Full Time

Recently I have noted that player registration dates on Full Time start from the date of approval on WGS and not the date they were submitted to the league for approval. 

This was not the case before and now can cause issues as if a player registration for example is approved late due to registrations officer missing it, then this player does not show on the list of players available for that game and therefore an appearance stat can not be allocated etc and it then looks like he wasn't registered in time when he would have been.

This also doesn't help with our cups where you have to be submitted for registration 7 days before the game but the date Full Time shows the player as registered from the approval date which shows someone as not registered in time when in fact they were.

The dates that show on WGS as the registration date now do not appear to agree to what Full Time says.

I have tried backdating registration dates on WGS to correct this as previously this always worked and updated Full Time accordingly to agree but now this appears to make the situation even worse as all it does is change the registration date on Full Time to the date I have done the backdate on, for example todays date!

I have also come across some situations where a players registration date on Full Time has just randomly changed to a new date despite them having been registered from earlier in the season and playing and also stats being allocated to them earlier in the season. The players registration date on WGS is still from earlier in the season but now Full Time shows different and a later date. I did try doing the backdate registration fix on WGS which in the past has always rectified issues like this and made Full Time change but as mentioned above all this does now is change the date to the date I have tried processing the backdate, such as today, which makes it even worse.

I obviously cant manually change the registration dates on Full Time as linked to WGS but WGS dates are showing correct so I am not sure what I can do.

Are you aware of any of these issues and is there a fix you are working on? Is there anything I need to do to help or try doing differently?

Hopefully what I have said makes sense but please let me know if anything is unclear on the issues I have recently started to experience and happy to provide more information.

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