Editing a session's date, time and day is a really useful change to have available should you need to use it for any of your football sessions. They can allow a particular session to still go ahead for your participants if any difficulties around hosting the originally planned time and date come into play.


If you want to change one individual session date, start by going to the event that has the sessions in that you want to edit. Go to the 'Events' page, and click the necessary event.

If you're feeling confident, you can instead go straight to the 'Sessions' tab on the main landing page and choose your session from there. This would suit someone who only has one event and not multiple as it may get confusing seeing a long list of sessions which are all associated to two or three different events.

Assuming you choose to get to the sessions via the 'Events' button, once landing on your event, switch from the 'Details' tab to the 'Sessions' tab and filter to 'Upcoming Sessions'. Then, select the specific session you want to manipulate using the drop-down arrow to the right. Once the drop-down arrow is pressed, scroll down past the session's information and click on 'Edit Session' near the bottom.

If you went to edit a session via the 'Sessions' tab straight from the landing page, The FA Events Platform automatically filters and lands on 'Upcoming Sessions' so you would simply just click on the desired session from the list to edit. You would then land on the 'Details' page but instead of the other tab next to it being 'Sessions' as it is in the method above, the other tab says 'Participants'. Stay on the 'Details' page here and scroll down until you can see the 'Edit Session' button to press.

After clicking on 'Edit Session', the following screen should appear no matter which way you got to this point from the two different ways above. Amend the date by clicking on the pencil icon next to the date (which deciphers the day) and time.

The editing page will look like the below screen. Make the changes to the date and time of the session, but remember that the date (and linked day of the week) will need to fall on one of your approved days of the week from your application. Also remember that you WILL NOT be able to change the date of the session if someone has already booked onto the session.


Click ‘Save’ when you're done and an email notification of the date change will automatically be sent to all your participants.


If you want to run a session on a different day to the one outlined in your original application, then you need to go back into your approved application, tick/un-tick the days of the week changes you want to make, and re-submit your approved application back to your County FA.

Once the County FA approves, go back to the session series you originally created and cancel any upcoming sessions which are no longer needed for the day of the week you no longer wan to run on. Any sessions created before the newly-approved day change was made on the application won't have the newly-approved day available to edit. The new day will only be editable on any new sessions created after the application was re-approved.

Or, if you still want to use the old day on some of your upcoming sessions for a while longer, that's fine. Just cancel any sessions/create new sessions up to the point when you want to start using the new day of the week.