League - New Official Role Names

Below is a list of the old league roles in whole game system and the names of the newly mapped roles in competitions portal. Click here to find out how to add an official in to a league in the competition portal. 

WGSRoleNew PFF Role Mapping
LEAGUE-Appointments OfficerReferee Officer
LEAGUE-Charter Standard CoordinatorAccreditation Coordinator
LEAGUE-Club RepresentativeCommittee Member
LEAGUE-Communications OfficerOfficer
LEAGUE-Council RepresentativeCommittee Member
LEAGUE-Cup SecretaryDivision Officer
LEAGUE-Discipline SecretaryDiscipline Officer
LEAGUE-Discipline Secretary (assistant)Discipline Officer
LEAGUE-Division AdministratorDivision Officer
LEAGUE-Division SecretaryDivision Officer
LEAGUE-Fixtures SecretaryFixtures Officer
LEAGUE-Fixtures Secretary (assistant)Fixtures Officer
LEAGUE-Fines SecretaryDiscipline Officer
LEAGUE-Fines Secretary (assistant)Discipline Officer
LEAGUE-Ground Grading OfficerGround Grading Officer
LEAGUE-Honorary PresidentCommittee Member
LEAGUE-League Development OfficerOfficer
LEAGUE-League Respect CoordinatorDiscipline Officer
LEAGUE-PlayerN/A - Already in place
LEAGUE-PresidentCommittee Member
LEAGUE-Referee Development OfficerReferee Officer
LEAGUE-Referees SecretaryReferee Officer
LEAGUE-Referees Secretary (assistant)Referee Officer
LEAGUE-Registrations OfficerRegistrations Officer
LEAGUE-Registrations SecretaryRegistrations Officer
LEAGUE-Registrations Secretary (assistant)Registrations Officer
LEAGUE-Representative Team ManagerLeague Representative Team Manager
LEAGUE-Respect MemberOfficer
LEAGUE-Results SecretaryOfficer
LEAGUE-Secretary (assistant)Assistant Secretary
LEAGUE-Secretary (temporary)NONE
LEAGUE-Statement AccessDiscipline Officer
LEAGUE-Vice ChairmanCommittee Member
LEAGUE-Vice PresidentCommittee Member
LEAGUE-Welfare Officer (Adult Disability Teams)Competition Welfare Officer (Disability)
LEAGUE-Welfare Officer (Adult Teams)Competition Welfare Officer (Adult)
LEAGUE-Welfare Officer (assistant)Competition Welfare Officer (Assistant)
LEAGUE-Welfare Officer (Youth Teams)Competition Welfare Officer (Youth)
N/A - New RoleCompetition Welfare Officer
N/A - New RoleDesignated Safeguarding Person
N/A - New RoleCompetition Lead
N/A - New RoleCompetition Organiser
N/A - New RoleDesignated Safeguarding Person Assistant

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