Affiliation - Pro Club

Please note that affiliation is now team based and not club based as previous season
Before starting this process we would advise you go through the affiliation checklist
Please ensure you have Added any New Teams, Folded Teams and/or Edited Teams that you wish to Affiliate before commencing

To affiliate teams in the Club Portal, select the Teams tab on the left hand side

Click on 'Affiliate Teams'

You will then be presented with two screens providing information on Applying for Affiliation and What is Affiliation along with other useful information. 

Click on 'Start Now'

Club Details

On the Club Details page, if any areas state 'Action Required' or if any details are incorrect please click on 'Update' next to that area to complete or change this information. 

At the bottom of the relevant pages there will be an option to go back to affiliation to continue

When all details are complete please tick the box to confirm they are accurate and then 'Next'

Select Teams

On the next page you will then be able to select the teams that you wish to affiliate

You will only be able to select the teams that meet the requirements. If they are missing a Team ground, Officials or Qualifications you will not be able to select those teams. 

The system will pre-select all teams that are able to be affiliated and you will need to de-select any that you do not wish to process yet. 

If you are unable to select and affiliate teams not available you will need to update the relevant details/requirements in the portal prior to being able to affiliate these teams. For example if you recognise one of the competitions is wrong you will need to go back to the teams tab and change the league.

The price set by your County FA for each team to affiliate will be shown on this page for reference.

When you have selected the teams that you wish to affiliate please click on 'Next' in the top right hand corner.


You will then be directed to the Summary page

On this page you will be able to select any 'Other Products' that you County FA may offer such as Benevolent Fund and/or equipment

On the right hand side you will see a breakdown of the cost of your affiliation including VAT

If your club can be auto-affiliated you will then be able to proceed to make the payment

When you have checked all of your details please click on 'Proceed to Payment'

You will then be redirected to the Payments Tab and will be able to Pay the Invoice

An affiliation will need to be reviewed by your County if your club has outstanding debts 

If your affiliation needs to be reviewed by the County FA you will then need to select 'Submit'

When the County FA have reviewed your submission they will either Approve or Reject the submission. 

You will receive an email advising you that your submission has been approved and you can go to the Payments tab to Pay the Invoice

If your submission has been rejected you will receive an email with the reasons why and will then be able to make the amendments and re-submit your application. 

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