League Structure - Adding A Team To A Division / Removing A Team From A Division


Adding Teams To A Division

To add a team to a division you will first need to create your division and set criteria (click here to see how to do this). Once you have done this select the division and you can then select the add teams option in the top right. You will then have the option to "add team"or "add external team".

Add Team

When selecting the "add team" option you will see a list of teams who have an active league membership with your league. The teams showing will have either been part of the league in the previous season and have been carried over, selected the league during the team affiliation process or they have used the manage competitions feature in club portal to change leagues. 

You can then select the teams you would like to add to the division. 


If the teams are entered in to another division in the same league a message will appear asking if you would like to remove the teams from their current division to move to the new division.

Once you have confirmed this the teams will then show in the division as well as any league cups they are taking part in and their affiliation status.

Add External Team

When selecting an external team, you can search for any team. If they aren't assigned to a league, you can add them to your own league which will then give them a league membership and division membership. If you search for a team and they are already in another league you cannot add them to your league and will need to contact your County FA. Once selected the team will then show in the division.

Removing Teams From A Division

To remove a team from a division, select the division and then the team you would like to remove and a message will then appear to confirm this.

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