Affiliation - Changes After Submission

Step 1. Sign into County Portal. Here you will see the 'Products' menu option

Step 2. Click on 'Affiliation


Before Invoicing

If a club wished to amend their submission after they have submitted their Affiliation, but the invoice has not been raised as it has come to the County FA for Review

1. Reject the Application for the club to resubmit with the correct teams

2. Approve Application and Issue Invoice - this will mean you will need to manually manage the payment in Xero as the invoice will be incorrect. 

Any amendments in Xero will not push through to Club Portal so payment would have to be managed offline

We would advise option 1 at the stage of prior to invoicing

After Invoicing - Cancel and Resubmit

Please note that after any cancellations or amendments to Affiliations after invoicing you will need to manually manage the invoices in Xero as this is not automatically updated

Step 1. Cancel the Application

This will advise the club that the application has been cancelled and they need to re-submit

Step 2. You will need to cancel the invoice in Xero manually as it will not be automatically updated

Step 3. The club can start the process again for the remaining teams that need to be affiliated

After Invoicing - Manage Payment

Step 1. Amend invoice in Xero

Step 2. When payment received mark Affiliation as Complete and in Xero mark invoice as paid

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