Affiliation - Review Submissions

Any Affiliations not completed by 31st May each year will be auto-cancelled to provide a clean start for the new season

Step 1. Sign into County Portal. Here you will see the 'Organisation' menu option

Step 2. Click on 'Affiliation

There are 6 different Status' that will be identified under the Application Status column

Pending CFA    - Require review due to Club either having Debts Outstanding / Welfare Officer                  with no Welfare Officer Course / Uploaded own Insurance Documents(s)
In Progress    - Club have started process but not submitted
Invoiced       - Affiliation approved by CFA or Auto and awaiting payment of invoice
Completed     - Teams are affiliated and paid
Cancelled     - Application cancelled by CFA with reason stated
Rejected     - Application rejected by CFA with reason stated


Pending County FA Review

Step 1. Select application to be reviewed by clicking on Application that is Pending CFA

Step 2. Review Application, there are there reasons why a submission will be showing as 'Pending CFA'

1. Not purchased County FA Insurance Products
2. Club has outstanding debts
3. Welfare Officer does not have Welfare Officers Course

If the Club have uploaded Insurance Documents under 'Club Insurance' and/or 'Team Insurance' it will state "Verify Insurance Documents" as below

If the club has purchased the County FA Insurance Cover then it will show as below and you will need to check for the other two options. The Welfare Officer can be checked in Club Portal and Outstanding Debts in CRM

You will then be able to review these documents under the Insurance Documents section. 

Once checked and if they meet the requirements please tick the box to confirm they have been reviewed and approved

Step 3. Once you have verified the submission you can either Reject the Application or Approve the Application.

To Reject the Application please click on 'Reject Application' which will bring up a box to provide the reasons

To Approve the Application please click on Invoice Club which will bring up a confirmation box

Invoiced Application

If a club pays their Affiliation Fees through the Payment tab in Club Portal this will automatically update and there is no requirement for County FA input. 

The County FA will only need to perform this step if Club pays in any way other than through the Payments Tab on Club Portal.

Step 1. Select application to be reviewed by clicking on Application that is 'Invoiced'

Step 2. Click on box to confirm payment received

Step 3. Click on 'Mark as Complete'

Step 4. You will need to select the payment date and type of payment received. You can also provide a reason for this type of payment. 

Then click on Mark as Paid

The club will now show as 'Completed' and 'Paid Offline'

If you have to mark a payment as being made in this way, the County FA will need to manually update the invoice in Xero as this will not update automatically.

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