Introduction to the new 'Manage Sessions' tab

The new Manage Sessions tab replaces the Sessions tab. Here you can access and update session details.

After you have created a batch of sessions in the 'Create Sessions' tab, they will appear individually in the 'Manage sessions' tab.

All of your sessions from all of your applications will appear here in chronological order, but if you want to filter by a specific programme, just click on the 'Filter by session name' button, select the programme you want to see and click 'go'. 

Editing/Cancelling an individual session 

To edit or cancel a session, click into the session and it will bring up the option to edit or cancel. 

You can also click the 3 dots on the right hand side to get the option to Edit or Cancel.

Clicking edit will bring up the session details, and whichever details you would like to change just click on the edit icon next to it. Remember to save your changes after doing so. 

Note: This will only edit the details for this one individual session. To edit the details of the whole group of sessions, please see the 'Editing multiple sessions' section. 

If you click cancel, you will just get a confirmation message to say that any participant booked onto the session will receive a cancellation email. Click cancel this session to complete it. 

Viewing participants

To view who has booked onto a session, just click on the session and then click on the 'Participants' tab. 

Editing Multiple Sessions

The process to edit multiple sessions using the mass update tool hasn't changed, and you can find how to do this below.

First, filter your sessions by the programme that you're updating. 

Then, select the sessions that you wish to edit by ticking the boxes on the left hand side. Use the top box to select all. 

Then, click the 'Edit Sessions' tool in the top right hand corner, and it will give you a drop down menu of the details you can edit for the sessions. 

Click on what you want to edit, and then enter the new details and click on 'update'. That's it!

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