Affiliation - Setting Team Fees

Step 1. Sign into County Portal. Here you will see the 'Products' menu option

Step 2. Click on the 'Team Fees' tab under Affiliation

There are 4 categories within the Team Fees tab containing the different levels of the game (Youth, Adult, NLS & Women's Tiers and Pro Game. Each of these is then split down further to cover all age bands and types of football. 

Step 3. Select Category you wish to amend using the 'plus' icon on the left hand side

Step 4. Click 'Edit'

Step 5. You can then update the information for each level / type of football within that category

This can be done individually or as a Group using the 'Apply to All' option

Even if the price is £0, all fields must be completed including the GL code & VAT for products to be correctly setup. Once all fields are completed, the product will be live and ready

1. Club (£) - Sets the fee for each team within a Club organisation

2. Education (£) - Sets the fee for teams within an Education Provider organisation

3. GL Code - Pulls though codes from Xero (Please note that these need to be setup in Xero and cannot be added through County Portal) 

The VAT rate is automatically updated to the rate applied to the GL Code in Xero

Step 6. Click on 'Save' to keep all of the changes

If you wish to leave the page and not save any changes please use 'Cancel'

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