Creating a Group

To create a new group chat with players in your team, go onto the TeamTalk home page and tap on 'Create new group' in the top right corner. 

NOTE: Only Team or Club Officials can create groups, and each group must have at least 1 official and 4 players in it.

You will then need to select the players in your team to add to the group chat, by tapping on the dot next to their names. You can also search a player's name in the 'Find a Player' search bar.

NOTE: Only players who are active on Matchday can be added to a group, to get players active you will need to invite them to Matchday. 

When you have selected all the players you want in the chat, tap the blue arrow button in the bottom right corner. You can also remove participants by tapping the X next to their names. 

When you've confirmed your participants, you'll need to give your group chat a name. You can also add an optional group icon. Once you've done this, tap the blue arrow to proceed. 

All done! You've created your group, and now you can get chatting to your team. You can learn more about messaging here. 

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