Which Roles allow access to the England Football Portals


Club Portal

You gain access to the Club Portal. You will be required to hold one of the roles below, granting you privileges in the system. You can find a guide on how to add officials here.

Roles Defined

Club Admin RolesTeam Admin RolesTeam Official Roles
SecretaryTeam Secretary Manager
Secretary Assistant
Assistant Manager
Assistant  Coach
Welfare Officer

Registrations officer

Accreditation Officer

Access Defined by Roles

Club AdminTeam AdminTeam Official
DashboardFull accessRead-onlyRead-only
My ClubFull accessRead-onlyRead-only
Player RegistrationsFull accessTeam-level accessTeam-level access
Invite/add or create player Full accessTeam-level accessRead-only
Add or detach a player Full accessTeam-level accessRead-only
Edit playerFull accessTeam-level accessTeam-level access
Add emailFull accessTeam-level accessTeam-level access
Add Parent/CarerFull accessTeam-level accessTeam-level access
Register player & cancel registrationFull accessTeam-level accessRead-only
Pending actionsFull accessTeam-level accessTeam-level access
Export squad and club listFull accessTeam-level accessTeam-level access
TeamsFull accessFull accessRead-only
Manage LeagueFull accessTeam-level accessRead-only
Fold TeamFull accessTeam-level accessRead-only
Affiliate TeamFull accessTeam-level accessRead-only
OfficialsFull AccessRead-onlyRead-only

Competitions Portal

Currently, to gain access to the competitions portal, you must hold one of the below roles, which is added in via the whole game system.

Roles Defined

Competition Admin
Assistant Secretary
Welfare Officer
Registrations Officer

Access Defined by Roles

Competition Admin
CompetitionsFull access
Registration RequirementsFull access
PlayersFull access
TeamsFull access
My OrgFull access
OfficialsFull access

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