How To Add And Update League Notices

Please Note : To be able to add / edit notices you must be listed as a league administrator

To add new or update league notices you will need to select the media tab and then notices. This will then take you to the notice homepage.

You can then create a new notice or view, edit or delete a existing notice.

Creating A New Notice

When creating a new notice select which page you would like the notice to be located on when viewing the public page, for example division home. Select create new and you can then enter the title of the article, a short summary and any text or URL's that you would like to enter.

When this has been created it will then appear on the home page under league news.

Editing A Notice Article

From the same notice page select the edit button on the right hand side. 

Here you can edit the title of the article or any text that may have included. you can also select or remove the auto link box which will automatically create the hyperlink for any URL you add.

You can also remove the placement for the notice, the page the notice displays on or update the sequence,   if you would like a certain article to show first as an example. You can also choose if you would like the article to only be shown for the current season.

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