Keeping your data clean

Why is it important to keep your data clean?

Keeping your data clean will give you a much better user experience. When it comes to searching for players who already exist, you're more likely to get a quick match and save the time and effort of creating a brand new account for a player who already exists. A player having more than one account could mean you don't see an active suspension on that player which could lead you to playing an ineligible player.

Top Tips to keep your data clean

1) Remove players who are no longer part of your club. Not only does this ensure your compliant with GDPR, but it also means adding new players to your club will not ask for processes such as Notice of Approach 

2) Ensure player details are correct. Players can manage their own account via which makes processes like giving online consent (lasting 5 years) much easier for club administrators.

3) Keep your list of coaches and staff up to date. This will help you monitor Safeguarding requirements within your safeguarding tab

4) Contract players do not show up in search. If a player is under contract and needs adding to your club, please contact your County FA who will be able to add the player for you. Please do not create them a second account.

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