Adding County Cup Fixtures To Your League


Including County Cup Fixtures With League Fixtures

This will now remove the need to create County Cup fixtures as "Other Fixtures" in your league

To include the county cup fixtures with the league fixtures go to the fixtures tab > fixture list and  then you can select the box on the right hand side.  This will then show any county cup fixtures in a  blue box stating the cup name, fixture details, status, participating teams, venue and the score. The County Cup fixtures are read only and you will not be able to edit / view the stats and these fixtures can only be edited by the County FA. The county cups shown will depend on the counties your league affiliates to and also the teams involved within your league.

Advance Scheduler

County Cup fixtures will now show on the advanced scheduler availability page. The availability box will be filled yellow and if you hover the mouse over the box it will then show the cup competition and the teams involved.

Downloading County Cup Fixtures

County Cup fixtures are available to download from the download tab > fixture download where you can then change the fixture group to the chosen county cup.

County Cup Notifications

The email notifications for county cups are managed under the email tab > notifications where you will then see the two tick boxes for "County Cup Fixture Notification" on the right hand side. Only the contact information for the teams within your league will show on the email notification.

Adding County Cup Fixtures to the Public Page

If you would like to change if the County Cup fixtures show on your leagues public page, you can do so by selecting the Setup tab > League Options > fixtures where you can then tick / untick the option (the option to show the fixtures will be selected by default).

It will then show as the image below, showing CC for County Cup.

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