Accreditation Checklist - Documents

Here you can see and manage your adherence to accreditation criteria in real time to become or remain an England Football Accredited club. 

The ‘Documents’ tab highlights where clubs meet requirements for things such as policies, club rules / constitution and codes of conduct. Clubs can view & adopt FA policies and host their own club policies and other documentation.

Guidance on this is here


Accredited Clubs / Renewal

FA Policies

Adopting the FA Policies will complete the following sections:

Safeguarding Children Policies

Equality Policy

Respect Code of Conduct

Football Leadership Diversity Code

Club Rules (You also have the option to upload your own club rules which will satisfy this)


FA Policies can be found by clicking the FA Policies link in the action area above and further guidance on this can be found here.

Club Policies

Club Policies and Plans requires a Club Development Plan to be uploaded and clicking the link in the action area will take you to the relevant place in the portal to complete this. You can upload your own document, or there are templates available to support this. Further guidance on the Club Policies and Plans can be found here.

Non-Accredited Clubs

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